That was holidays

Here is a poem I wrote at school. Every day feels like holidays here!

Remember the nights eating pizza and drinking L&P, hanging out with family and friends?


Remember the sunny days camping out, sleeping in a tent? Waking up and having ice cream?

Tata panorama.jpg

That was holidays.

Remember the morning eating yummy pancakes and talking happily?


Do you remember making pavlova and then eating it?


That was holidays.

Remember the fun times staying home, reading books, and watching movies?


Remember the weeks going to play dates, and getting super wet? It was so fun.



That was holidays.😊



The Tasman General Store

The Tasman General Store is a store that is in Tasman, and Camy and I go to it every Friday, after school. I love it. It has awesome ice cream, yummy popsicles, good cakes, and lollies.

In the back there is a sandpit and really nice tables to eat at. The walk from our school to the Tasman store is very short, so that’s good and the drive is basically 4 seconds. Good. There is also very yummy chocolate treats. Also good. Most things are very cheap. That’s good. Why are there so many things that are good about the Tasman store or should I say cool or awesome or amazing?

We showed the Bisby’s the Tasman store and we showed the Grandma’s the Tasman store. They all like it too, so that’s good!!! Ok, I’m going to stop using the same word GOOD.

Why am I always the one who does the fun blog posts?

It’s cool and it’s also cool.

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20170922131514 Have you ever tried ice cream almost as cold as space? Well we have! We went to a part of LA called Old Pasadena and we found nitrogen ice cream.


It was the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted and you had the ability to make your own flavour of ice cream from scratch. There were three steps. First, you had to choose your type of milk. We chose coconut milk because Cammy feels sick sometimes when she has regular milk. Second step is to choose your flavour of ice cream. We chose butter cookie dough and they put that with the coconut milk. Third step is to choose your toppings inside or on top. We chose Twix and got them to mix it inside. Then they flash freeze it with nitrogen ice cream – I mean liquid nitrogen. 🤣🤗 They put it in a special machine and smoke fills the room.


The ice cream is awesome, it might be hard to find but it’s totally worth it. And my Dad even promised that we should go back when we are back in town. Punch-line finish!


Furbelly finds a new treat!

On one of our first stops Mummy and Cammy went to the supermarket because me and Daddy had to finish a little bit of my meal. They looked at the Oreos and Cammy found something new. Thin Oreos! None of us knew what it was. We all loved them. And you can eat two and it’s the same as a normal one!


I know I’m doing a lot of my blog posts on treats, but that’s the whole point of the trip. A little while after we finished the first package, we went to another supermarket. I asked mummy: “Can we have these Halloween Oreos?” She said no. Then she saw thin, salted caramel Oreos. They are delicious. And when we sneak them in the back seat, there’s no chocolate evidence on our lips!

P.S. We finally have cell reception again and now we also have lemon Oreo Thins.

Stan’s Donuts!

This morning we went to Stan’s Donuts and Coffee in Wicker Park in Chicago. We got 3 donuts, toasted pretzel bagels and coffee.


I got a Dreamsicle Bar. My sister got a lemon curd donut. My dad got a pistachio lemon old fashioned.


It took a while for us to decide which donuts to have but we did it! Travelling is hard like that sometimes.


Stan’s Donuts is fun and yummy. And I still have some of my Dreamsicle left for later.