Phase One Complete

Dear friends,

We know our blogging is ridiculously slow and not really in chronological order. Forgive us. We are new to blogging and sometimes we have no wifi. Plus we are sort of living out of a van or airplane or trailer or tent. But we are now in Nelson, NZ, settled temporarily in a (slightly chilly) flat and have some time and space to reflect on what has transpired over the last few weeks.

There were so many good and funny and fabulously beautiful times on our road trip across the States. Here are some of the best moments, in photos.

Roadtripping is hungry work. (alternate title: 75 chins)IMG_20170915_130222

This was Joel’s favourite rock formation. It’s called Mexican Hat and it’s huge.IMG_20170915_164431

Location: The spot where Forrest Gump stopped running. Stop Forrest, stop.IMG_20170915_171726

The girls got a kick out of crossing the Arizona-Utah border several times in one minute.IMG_20170915_174216

Our campsite in Monument Valley (named after the popular ipad app). IMG_20170915_185804

Sunrise with a canine friend.IMG_20170916_072456

The best lunch stops are always off of dirt roads. Improvised hike to the Colorado River.IMG_20170916_131143

Swimming in the Colorado with the Glen Canyon Dam (Page, Arizona) in the distance.IMG_20170916_140032

Secret picnic

Vermillion cliffs. (Thanks Andrew Paul for the pro tip)IMG_20170916_153106

Hiking down into the Grand Canyon from the North Rim. Julie is standing at the top of a sheer drop-off similar to the one on the upper right. This was a big deal for her.IMG_20170917_153032

2.63 complaints per minute.IMG_20170917_155857

Crazy views.PANO_20170917_134450We found a charming couple in their sixties during a water break. When we told them we were headed to New Zealand – they showed us their NZ jade wedding rings – they were married in Nelson! Good omen if ever there was one. IMG_20170917_161513

Wide, deer-filled meadows and big sky in the Kaibab National Forest.IMG_20170917_164125

Camping outside the North Rim.IMG_20170917_183214

Chilly mornings. Our water froze overnight!IMG_20170918_085844

Later that day…. (we actually found a hotel without a casino in Vegas)IMG_20170918_173022

Getting our kicks.IMG_20170919_123745


Random public art in the desert.IMG_20170919_124928


Salt flats in the Mojave. Ain’t no thin Oreo.IMG_20170919_131049


Hiking in Joshua Tree. 360 immersive photo here.IMG_20170920_110236

Escaping the heat.IMG_20170920_111011

Classic Americana Roadtrip scene.joshua tree bbq

Very small pool but Julie is making the best of it.tub read

Good morning Joshua Tree.sunrise in jt

Yet another gratuitous roadtrip shot. roadripper

Arrival in L.A. Thanks to Rob and Georgie for Oasis Jalilicutty.jalil pool

Phase one complete.  From here on out we live in the future.



2 thoughts on “Phase One Complete

  1. Carol Switzer

    I really look forward to your family’s posts. We won’t ever get to do a trip like yours but can live vicariously by following you along on your travels. 🙂
    (I’m Herc’s Mom) 😊


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