The bacon jam is running out…

It was such a long, gorgeous summer of preparations and goodbyes. Leaving always makes home look so rosy-wonderful. Usually I can’t wait to start a trip, but this one was so far and so big.  I started to second guess our silly plans, faced with leaving all we have. I kept making excuses to linger for one more dinner, one more hug. I listened to and sang this song a lot. But in the end, I didn’t really know how to leave. I couldn’t help thinking: if we live this ridiculously lucky life, why mess with it? Especially in what seems like such a strange, uncertain time. 
I guess because our luck allows it. We have the absolute luxury of an adventure. So I say yes.

So far it’s not so messy out here. After six hours on the road, a brief encounter with some spicy Mexican food and hundreds of Spartans fans in East Lansing, we settled in a Michigan campground for the night. 

Waking up with my family in a tent is a bleary, cuddly joy. There has been fire leaping and morning oatmeal. Today we are going to climb dunes and see Chicago. We are slowly finding our travel groove.

But the bacon jam is running out, which tells me we are further away from the people who made it for us, and all the rest of our community. Man, I love all those people. 

Can’t wait to return to y’all. Here we go!


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